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How to get the most out of your looped in app

getting started

Getting started

looped in is a completely electronic payment system that connects you and your friends with your favorite places to go. Make secure payments, redeem offers and keep everything you need at the point of sale in one convenient place - your smart phone!

Follow the steps below to download the app and start using looped in.

Make sharing easier

You have the option to add information to your profile. Click “Settings,” then “Edit Profile Information.” Auto-load from Facebook or enter the information yourself.

how to make payments

Pay on the go

Whether you're in line or online, you can make your payments with PIN-based security, redeem offers as part of a transaction, and send unused deals to your friends.

Follow the steps below or watch this short video to learn how to start paying with the looped in app.

how to load money

Load money

This process is the same every time! Instantly load your looped in app with money from your debit or credit card, or set it up to get money straight from your bank account.

Follow the steps below or watch this short video to learn both ways to load money to looped in.

How to set up your bank account with looped in

end faq

tell your friends
When they register their phones ask them to enter your phone number in the "Enter Referral Number" field. Looped in adds $1.00 to your account for each account you refer.